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BLACK CORRIDOR began as a fast idea between two long-time friends, scribbled down impulsively over a pint of beer and gravely sealed with pricked fingers pressed to paper.


Still, the pact to realize this idea within 8 years was made in all earnestness. With the ticking clock of New Years Eve bearing down on us, we made their move in late December 2020 – and we are making fast strides now.

Working together comes naturally – a testament to our strong bond. We met while we were both still students, early on realizing our potential for collaboration. Creative minds that think alike where it counts, but whose differences complement each other. We both bring strong networks with accomplished professionals in various countries and fields to the table, established over years of experience. Working with prime partners is non-negotiable. A lot of our collaborators are not only colleagues, but associates and friends.

To ensure the best experience for the client, we aim to stay as transparent and accountable as possible.


Our vision for BLACK CORRIDOR is as multifaceted as our key visual – dreamlike and with a certain innocence, striving for a better world. And yet strong and bold, firmly rooted in the realities of life. We see potential and go for it. There’s no room for pretense.

We are passionate about stories. We live for film.

220113_Black Corridor_Key Visual_Compositing.jpg
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